Auto Classifieds Script Complete Features

Why you should choose EasyCarScript?

Our car classifieds script is completely designed to build rich features car classifieds websites with ease.

  • 100% Fully Responsive to Modern Smartphones and Tablets

    The new EasyCarScript now has better mobile support and is better viewed in most smartphones.
  • Single Dealership Mode Available

    You can use our car dealer script for your own car dealer business, and you can restrict other sellers or dealers from submitting their listings into your website.
  • Multiple Dealerships (Classifieds) Mode Available

    You can also use our auto classifieds script to allow multiple car dealers or private car sellers to submit their car listings into your website and also ask them to pay the listing fees to generate revenues for you.
  • Easy To Use Application

    We have designed the interfaces to help users use the application with ease.
  • Accept Online and Offline Payments

    You can accept online payments using Paypal and 2Checkout and also offline payments such as Wire Transfer to help monetize your website.
  • Multiple languages support

    You can reach various people which uses various languages as our car classifieds script can run up to 10 languages in 1 website.
  • Manage Everything with Ease

    You can control everything from our easy-to-use administration panel.
  • Full Support & Free First Time Installation

  • Free One Month Web Hosting Support

  • Free 6 Months Upgrade

Feature-Rich Auto Classifieds Script and Car Dealer Script

Our car classifieds script is the perfect choice if you want to create a car dealer website or even car classifieds website.

  • Enhanced Search Results to give easy understanding.
  • Browse Cars / Trucks by makes and models.
  • Paypal and 2Checkout Support.
  • Monetization features allow you to generate revenues
  • Add or Edit Vehicles easily.
  • SEO Friendly URL.

Feature Rich Listing Detail Page

Our car classifieds script already have an enhanced listing detailed information page which displays all information about the car listing in a user friendly format.

  • Improved Photo Gallery.
  • Enhanced Listing Features.
  • Nicely formatted Seller Information.
  • Easy To Use Contact Form.
  • Information Sharing Capability.
  • Social Bookmarking

Integrated Payment System

  • Accepts Online Payments using Paypal and 2CheckOut.
  • Accepts Off-line Payments, such as Wire Transfer, Money Order or Check Order.
  • Flexible Packages for your Real Estate Members by offering both Pay-Per-Listing Packages and Pay-Per-Month (Subscription) packages

Enhanced Form Validation

Our car classifieds script already have easy-to-fill forms with its enhanced validation. When the user forgot to enter a field, the system will alert the user by marking the fields into red.

  • CAPTCHA form protection
  • Easy To Understand Form Errors.
  • Easy To Change Required Fields.

Multiple Languages and Localization Feature

Our car classifieds script can accept multiple languages and has the ability to display language accent characters without problem.

You can also translate the website easily by using the Translation tool in our car classifieds script administration panel.

  • Multiple Languages Support.
  • Multiple Date Formats.
  • Easy to Use Translation Tool.

Feature Rich Seller Panel

Our car classifieds script also provides easy-to-use seller administration panel to allow private sellers and car dealers to manage their own listings with ease.

From their seller panel, they can add videos, documents, and photos to any car listing and they can also do :

  • Manage Property Listings.
  • Edit Company Profile.
  • View Transaction History.
  • Manage Account Subscription.
  • Change Password.

Feature Rich Administration Panel

Our car classifieds script is also powered by the feature rich administration panel, that will help you operate your website easily.

From the administration panel, you can do the following :

  • View website summary.
  • Edit website properties.
  • Backup MySQL database using Backup Tool.
  • Manage content pages easily.
  • Manage email templates.
  • Manage photo properties.
  • Manage languages and edit currency / date format.
  • Configure payment preferences.
  • Manage administrator users.
  • Edit lookup data using Lookup Management Tools from your admin panel.
  • Manage currencies, countries, locations, day names, month names, etc easily.
  • Manage sellers along with their listings.
  • Edit form fields using Listing Fields Editor.
  • Approve listings, pictures, etc from the Approval Center.